Decorators tips & pearls of wisdom

Winter care for your woodwork

This is the time of year when you might start to notice any defects or problems with your external decorating. Cold weather, high winds, frost and heavy rainfall are going […]

Is it worth paying more for Farrow & Ball?

Is it worth paying more for Farrow & Ball?

It’s a question that comes up frequently. With Farrow & Ball paints often costing twice or three times as much as comparable Deluxe and Crown paints – both good quality […]

A guide to DIY brain surgery

I tried DIY brain surgery once. My very good friends have pointed out that perhaps I should have saved up for a professional job.  But British Gas, while waiting for their kettle […]

Florida State University

We recently completed a large school redecorating project for the Florida State University London annexe on Great Russell Street. The work included 24 student flats, all completed in a very […]

Choosing white paint – simple, surely?

Recently we’ve seen some customers getting very creative with their use of different shades of white and it got me thinking. Always dangerous. It won’t surprise you to hear that […]

How hard is it to pick a colour?

If I pick a horse in the Grand National it’s the one with the funniest name. It’s hard not to use the same method for picking paint colours. Paint companies […]

They say it’s good to think ahead…

2017 is soon going to be soooo last year. Like a confidential Government memo, word has somehow leaked out that GD Parvin is the decorator to have, and we’re booked […]

A useful tool for surveyors and architects

Dulux have had a tablet or phone-based colour-picking app, aimed at home users, for some time. It’s quite handy – some people love it, others find it a bit gimmicky […]