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New year, new paint…

On a quiet trip round Homebase I noticed how easy modern paints are supposed to make our lives. One Coat, No Preparation, Perfect Finish…. If […]

Prepare for the Christmas visits

For a while there it seemed like summer would go on for ever, just like an old Beach Boys record. But here we are, back to […]

Time for the robots to do the work

I asked an online painting app to imagine a robot painting the living room. It didn’t miss a beat, and came back with an image […]

If Walls Could Talk

If walls could talk! I’ll swear that one of my walls mutters and curses under its breath, and keeps threatening to sue me for negligence. Nobody likes a […]

Is your house angry with you?

Dog owners tend to look like their pets, so I was wondering whether houses and their owners also look alike. A quick glance down my […]

Anyone left in London?

Paul Simon got all the news he needed on the weather report, and he has a point. If too much Carbon Dioxide wasn’t bad enough, […]

Anti-COVID Paint? Could be….

It’s probably not going to solve the worldwide coronavirus problem overnight, but it’s good to see some developments that look as if they will help. […]

It can’t hurt to lighten the mood!

Painting and decorating won’t kill viruses – although that might not be too far off: the International Space Station currently has it’s toilet doors covered […]

Winter care for your woodwork

This is the time of year when you might start to notice any defects or problems with your external decorating. Cold weather, high winds, frost […]

A guide to DIY brain surgery

I tried DIY brain surgery once. My very good friends have pointed out that perhaps I should have saved up for a professional job.  But British Gas, […]

Florida State University

We recently completed a large school redecorating project for the Florida State University London annexe on Great Russell Street. The work included 24 student flats, […]

Choosing white paint – simple, surely?

Recently we’ve seen some customers getting very creative with their use of different shades of white and it got me thinking. Always dangerous. It won’t […]