What colour adds most value to your house – again

We hear a lot about the value of a fresh coat of paint to raise property resale price, but according to survey we value artistic expression above mere profit, and only 4% of homeowners paint for that reason.

Fifty-five percent just want a different look, and the main reason homeowners decide to paint is a personal preference rather than external factors.

But are we missing out? I’d never suggest you sell out your aesthetic integrity, but maybe there’s a happy crossover point where money and art overlap?

In particular, the marketing gurus say the colour of your front door has major impact on sale value.

Some research last year by SellHouseFast came up with this interesting analysis of front door colours and values:

I don’t recall seeing that many blue doors around, so maybe there’s an opportunity here.

You’ll be relieved to hear, however, that GD Parvin Ltd will not be adding £4000 extra to your invoice if you opt for a Navy front door.

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