It can’t hurt to lighten the mood!

Painting and decorating won’t kill viruses – although that might not be too far off: the International Space Station currently has it’s toilet doors covered in a special paint that’s supposed to kill off superbugs, which apparently thrive in space.

In the meantime, I could probably quote all sorts of science about how being happy improves health.

We’ve all got to be careful and follow good health and hygiene advice, but life goes on and in my experience doctors generally support the idea that happy people are healthier. And my friend in marketing likes to tell me that people are really buying that happy feeling when they get their house redecorated.

For now, I just wanted to let you know that we are busy painting and decorating, and we regularly check on the health of our painters, and we follow all the Government guidelines, and perhaps it is th best time to splurge on yourself a little.

And despite everything, it IS Spring!

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Geoff Parvin
The man on your ladder

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