In Which We Suggest A Hidden Income Source YOU NEVER THOUGHT OF!

Like most Londoners I sometimes wish we could go back to Dickens’ time. Particularly when all the talk is about tax rises.

“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pound ought and six, result misery”.

Just think what you buy with nineteen shillings and sixpence (that’s 97.5p to our younger viewers) in those days. Forty pots of marmalade, for one thing. Or 10 shaves, 5 dressings of your wig, 3 pounds of cheese, and enough left over to get your chimney swept twice.

I explained this to one of my clients and suggested that sending his children out to clean local chimneys might be a clever solution to their rising school fees.

He might have taken me more seriously than I intended. So if you get a knock on your door from two 8-year olds in school uniform, please be civil to them.

In the meantime, my solution (it’s my solution to most problems, I admit) is freshen up the house with a nice new coat of paint that will keep the smile on your face and the weather out of your woodwork. Summer’s the time to do it!

Call us on 0208 946 5045 and then just sit back. (If you prefer the whole digital electronic modern interweb thing, feel free to book a virtual quotation with RoboQuote)

All the best,
Geoff Parvin,
London’s greatest loss to literature

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