Is your house angry with you?

Dog owners tend to look like their pets, so I was wondering whether houses and their owners also look alike.

A quick glance down my street made me think there might be something similar going on – houses expressing their feelings to anyone who cares to see.

It’s scary. Would you sleep well if you thought your house might actually be really, really mad at you?

There’s a Hollywood Horror film waiting to be written with this (go ahead, don’t mind me, no charge…) but as your loyal decorator I’m beginning to think I might have a responsibility here.

How would I feel if your house started getting nasty, just because it felt you should have painted it? And how would I feel?

With that in mind, I am taking urgent action and extending my 5% discount offer to anyone who books in their decorating with us before the end of January.

It’s the least I can do.

Call on 0208 946 5045 for an apppointment, or book a virtual quotation with RoboQuote here:

My decorators are ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice!

Geoff Parvin
Grumpy and Dozy

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