House-painting fit for a King

I decided to donate my front-row seat for the Coronation to someone more in need. Perhaps you did the same. Imagine trying to find parking in Central London on May 6th.

But we will be gathered around the wireless, eating the new quiche from Charles and Camilla-styled plates and cheering them on.

My old Grandma would be getting her hair done about now, and starting to tidy up the living room in case Charles could see in when we have him on the telly. She would have had Grandad cleaning up the front garden and washing down the paintwork on the front door. Quite right too.

My workmen have been on edge, hoping for a call from the Palace to freshen up the walls and ceilings, bless them, and practising their curtsies.

If you, like so many of us, want to be ready in case the new King and Queen pay you an unscheduled visit, then might I suggest you call us so we can have your home looking it’s best with a new Springtime coat of paint. Perhaps with a splash of Dulux’s new Royal Berry, or Tikkurila’s Royal M346 (greeny-blue), or a traditional Burgundy.

Or one of the very on-trend pale greens if you’re not into the whole Buckingham-Palace-with-corgis-and-footmen thing.

We’re taking bookings now – call on 0208 946 5045 for a visit, or book a virtual quotation with RoboQuote (no relation to Robocop)

Wishing you and our new King and Queen all the best

Geoff Parvin
Semper fidelis

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