Time for the robots to do the work

I asked an online painting app to imagine a robot painting the living room. It didn’t miss a beat, and came back with an image that looks every bit as intelligent as I feel at the end of a long week. Not bad, I thought. There’s potential here.

Fortunately Mrs. Parvin intervened before I tried to build my own private army of robot decorators (although, if you know how to build ’em, I’m still open to a phone call).

So, for the time being at least, my flesh and blood decorators are still available.
And if your castle, citadel, mansion, town-house, or other ‘umble abode needs a little freshening up before the Christmas Party invitations stack up too high on your doormat – well, GD Parvin Ltd are your man.

Things do get busy though as the Christmas season creeps on us, so best to call early if you can.

Call on 0208 946 5045 for an apppointment, or book a virtual quotation with RoboQuote (who still works here):

My decorators, all much cleverer than me, are ready to spring into action like Batman at a moment’s notice.

Geoff Parvin
Grumpy and Dozy

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