Exterior Painting throughout London

Exterior painting - done right, and done to last. Old school.

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Making it look good for years to come

Exterior decorating needs to protect your house as well as make it look good. Done well, you can expect years of protection with no need to worry about woodwork, masonry and metal items.

We use top quality materials to give you the best finish, that will last.

Proper exterior painting means careful work and old-school preparation: thorough removal of any rotten wood, correct filling with good materials, sanding down to a properly smooth and level finish, and use of the correct primers and undercoats.

≡ Full written Quotation

≡ Experienced trusted tradesmen

≡ Careful preparation

≡ Woodwork, Masonry, Ironwork repair

≡ High quality workmanship

≡ Good communication

≡ Timely completion

Outside Painting

We do what it says on the tin:

Our decorating teams are very experienced in exterior decoration and masonry work. We use the highest quality products to ensure that whatever work that gets done lasts as long as possible - we usually recommend Dulux Weathershield or Crown Stronghold. Where needed we arrange all scaffolding, building works and permissions.

Our work includes:
- High standards of preparation and workmanship
- Woodwork repairs as needed
- Minor plastering, plumbing, carpentry and electrical work
- Top quality materials and finishing

Thorough preparation

Exterior paintwork that will withstand the elements demands thorough preparation.

This includes removing any rotten wood and filling with replacement wood sections, or hardwearing synthetic fillers for small areas.

Where needed this work is all included in our quotations.

Repair of iron work or concrete is also included where needed.

Outside Painting
Exterior Painting and Decorating

While we have the ladders up -

We can take care of re-pointing, roofing repairs, and window treatments where needed on your property.

Contact us to arrange a time for us to come and assess the work needed, and provide you with a detailed quotation.

Masonry, ironwork, woodwork

Full external redecoration to masonry, woodwork and ironwork.

Repair of rotted or damaged wood window and door frames.

Locating any specialist products required.

Plastering/rendering to prepare surfaces.

Glazing (replacement of damaged or cracked glass).


Residential and Commercial Painting

Exterior Decorating