Well, I’ll go to the foot of our stairs – but not much further for this summer’s staycation

Might as well face up to it – the closest we’re likely to get to a South Sea Island this summer is a trip to Southsea (picture below).

But if you’re lucky enough to own property in London, you’ll be staying entertained as you watch your house price go up. In fact you’re probably considering buying your own South Sea island.

In the meantime, you could spend that unused holiday money where it will keep you smiling all through the year – on a lovely new decorating job by London’s Favourite Decorators.

With the price of a ‘standard’ house in Greater London now sitting at £505,359, your property might have earned itself a bit of pampering.

Now here’s another thing to consider: Ideal Home say that decorating your house adds around 5% to its value. If my calculator is working, that means we could be looking at an increased value around £25,000.

Plus the pleasure of living in a fresh-looking house. Instead of waiting in airport queues, getting sand in your ice cream and missing East Enders.

I rest my case.

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Geoff Parvin
Opera’s loss, but Decorating’s gain

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