Anyone left in London?

Paul Simon got all the news he needed on the weather report, and he has a point.

If too much Carbon Dioxide wasn’t bad enough, not enough of it seems to be even worse. Armageddon!

And Estate Agents were reporting a few months ago that Londoners were in mass flight to the country, heading out along the M1 and the M4 with their posessions strapped to car roofs. Armageddon Outta Here!

But to the brave citizens still willing to tough it out in London – still the best City in the world – things aren’t so bad. And now that Summer is out of the way we can settle down to proper London weather and some nice cozy evenings in.

And that could be where your favourite decorators come in.  We’ve been rushed off our little feet all year, but between now and Christmas we still have a few slots in the order book.

So dear reader, if sprucing up chez vous is in the offing, we’d be happy to get a friendly estimator round to tell you the damage is going to be. After that, it will be first come first served, devil take the hindmost, early bird getting the worm…you get the picture.

For your next job, we’ll be waiting with bated breath to hear what you want. Call our human estimator on 0208 946 5045, or book a virtual quotation with RoboQuote here: 

Geoff Parvin
“Never So ‘Umble”

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