Book yourself a Virtual Quote and beat the post-Lockdown rush!

Geoff Parvin

As part of the Construction Industry we are still able to carry out certain types of decorating work during the Lockdown. This includes much exterior work, and work on empty buildings and premises.

But we’re coming into decorating season and there’s already a lot of work booked in. So the scientists at GD Parvin have developed a series of robots to do some of our work. You can see them above, having a virtual tea-break.

We’d like to properly fit you into our plans for world domination, so we’re pleased to announce that as from right now we can offer you a virtual quotation, requiring no house visit. And saving you a fortune in biscuits, no doubt.

Based on your description and photos of the property and work required we’ll be able to give you a proper quotation and book you in at the head of the queue.

Submit yourself to the inevitable future by clicking here: I submit. Get me a virtual Quotation now

If you’re not ready for the future just yet, we still have one of those old telephone things kicking around the back of the office and someone who’s fond of some personal contact. Feel free to ring while you still can!, on 020 8946 5045. And keep yourself good and safe!

Best regards
Geoff Parvin
(Android copy)

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