2021’s Colour Of The Year is…

I may or may not be still in the running for Parvin Household Husband of the Year. but if you like to follow the annual awards, this one’s for you.

Colour of the Year is always a controversial contest, with rival awards from Crown and other paint-makers. But, like McVities and the Digestive Biscuit, there is only one original. If you are a paint colour then the Dulux Award is the one you want on your mantlepiece.

2021’s chosen colour wants to thank its parents, its undercoat and the many brushes that will use it. And it is my proud honour to name it now: Brave Ground (great name!). You can see Brave Ground in the photo above – the sort of coffee-coloured colour on the right.

You may think I lack the sophistication to adequately explain why Brave Ground is such a worthy winner (indeed you may be correct) but rest assured that GD Parvin Ltd stands ready to put it on your walls with nothing but love and affection.

Should you want the Judges’ full reasoning and some glimpses of Brave Ground’s finest performances,, you will find them here.

2020’s Dulux Colour of the Year was, you will surely recall, Tranquil Dawm. Tranquil (if I can call her that) was finely in tune with the zeitgeist last December, but so much has changed and it is time to move on. I’m sure she wishes Brave Ground all the best.

As ever, whatever your own colour choice, we’ll welcome your call and promise to get you fast service for any quotation and painting work by London’s finest decorators.

Wishing you all the best,

Geoff Parvin
A True Artiste

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