By Golly it’s a heatwave!

II never tire of telling people that the best time to decorate your house is …. now, of course!

But there’s a good reason for this. This change in weather is a good example. It’s starting to get hot.

Modern paints are really rather impressive. A thin layer over the wood of your door and window frames protects against heat, cold, endless water, pollution, more water, dust and chemicals. And even more water. The rather clever people who make paint do a good job and you can reasonably expect decent quality paint to withstand several years of this treatment, provided it’s applied correctly.

As we move towards the endless summer, and while you’re not waxing your surfboard, us decorators start to be in demand.

Getting your exterior paintwork in shape now guards against damage from the heat (which simply opens up cracks for next Autumn’s wet and cold to get in and do expensive damage).

Never fear. With a quick call from you, we’ll grab our sunglasses and sombreros, and get round to give you our very best Quotation.

We’re sitting by the phone now waiting, on 0208 946 5045. Or if you prefer the whole digital electronic modern interweb thing, feel free to book a virtual quotation with RoboQuote

All the best!,
Geoff Parvin,
“Call me Sunshine”

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