They say it’s good to think ahead…

2017 is soon going to be soooo last year.

Like a confidential Government memo, word has somehow leaked out that GD Parvin is the decorator to have, and we’re booked solid from now to Christmas. 

But if you’re thinking about having some decorating work done, despair ye not.

Our estimating elf is hard at work making visits to book in January jobs. And it will give you the chance to spend Christmas evenings thinking over your colour choices just a little bit longer.

If you have in-laws visiting, they’re sure to have plenty of helpful advice to offer.

Meantime Dulux have already announced their colour of the year for 2018: “Heartwood”. Click on the picture to see a whole video about it:

I think for once they may have captured the mood of the nation.

So whatever the next 12 months is going to bring, you can roll up your drawbridge, turn off the news, and smile at how nice the place looks.

Call us to arrange a visit – we’re always happy to give our professional advice and a detailed estimate.

All best wishes

Geoff Parvin
(Santa’s Little Helper)

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