The prettiest way to add £40,000 to your property value

I was pleased to see a story in the Daily Telegraph comparing various home improvements, and estimating the added value each of them puts on your property.

Yes, it’s official – decorating is one of the most cost-efficient ways of adding property value.

The online tool takes your property value, the amount you might spend on different improvements and shows the expected value.

You could compare, for example, the value of a garage conversion or a new kitchen, a loft conversion or a conservatory – and of course decorating.

If your budget was up to £10,000, for example, a £400,000 house might increase in value by £40,000 with outside decorating – a profit of £30,000. (Come to think of it, that’s better odds than buying a lottery ticket).

You can see the tool HERE.

The article points out that the increases in stamp duty are encouraging home owners to improve their homes rather than move: Halifax Insurance saythat planning applications have risen by a quarter in the last five years, and by as much as 60pc in London.

Play around with the tool, created by Towergate Insurance, to see which home improvements could prove most valuable to you.

The tool omits to mention the value of enjoying the company of GD Parvin’s finest tradesmen while they transform your house, but we always offer that as a free extra.

FInd out what we could do for your property by calling Holly at the office to book a quotation – also no charge.

Best wishes

Geoff Parvin

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