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Hello again.

So it seems that Twilight isn’t only taking over the silver screens… it is also taking over our homes. No, Robert the vampire wolf guy – or whatever he is, isn’t going to be showing up, so keep your knickers on.

The Autumn trends are here, and twilight colours are the new thing. Basically these are colours with a blue/grey undertone. Not only do they look good, they add the cozy and warm feeling to rooms which is needed during the good old English winter.

You may think that these colours are too much, but they be lightened up and toned down by mixing with white. However if you are more daring, you can also break the colours up by adding brilliant white to the moldings, or adding a picture rail, which will not only make the colours seem less harsh, but will add height and a feeling of space to your rooms.

I have been have a look at some of the Dulux colour charts and they do look very nice. Here is the link if you would like to see.

Now, that may not suite every taste.

Another thing you might be thinking is what most decorators think when asked to paint a room a dark colour, which is, ‘That is going to be a nightmare to get back to white’. But that is not the case.

It may take an extra coat, however, with a decent primer and undercoat it will be fine.

If you feel like experimenting and doing something different with your walls, go for it. It can always be painted back.

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