Painting and Decorating in the New Year

Well, it seems that the holidays are definately over, and people are back into the normality of life. The children are back at school, the in laws have gone home, and we are all back at work, trying to burn off the turkey!!!

Well, as I said in my earlier blogs, this year I will be hitting the floor running and going into depth on the different decorating topics. Everything from wallpapering, to bathrooms, to painting, to paint qualities and results, and to the renovations of kitchens, the segregation of rooms, the problems if water damage. Exterior topics like re-pointing, rising damp, water damage to masonry, and the lists goes on and on.

There are a few reasons I am going to do this, I want you to know the full range of services that GD Parvin offers, and I feel that you should know what goes in to the different painting and decorating that you may be requiring.

It is hard these days to know who you can trust when it comes to doing painting, decorating and renovations of your home. You hear many stories on the news and on tv watchdog programs of cowboy builders and what not. If you have a fundamental knowledge of what should be being done in your home, it will help you to source out the right professional for you..

Also, I am going to provide a big gallery of before, during and after photos of my work. It is important for you to see the quality of work that your tradesman achieves on a regular basis. And I will continue to update my customer testimonials as they come in, as before you hire any tradesman it is important the you get references, real references from his recent customers, so that you have certainty in your self that he is the correct man for the job.

So,,,, stay tuned and Happy New Year