Returning Painting Customer in Richmond

If you read my blogs, you’ll know that I started out as a painter myself, before starting my own painting and decorating company. This almost seems an eternity ago. Today, it would be a rare, rare occasion that you will find me painting personally, normally if you do happen across it, it will be because the wife has nagged and nagged me until I have finally given in and re-painted the front door on a Sunday afternoon.

Anyway… I’m deviating with a trip down memory lane. My point is, back in the day, when I was young, I once did a painting and decorating job for a nice couple in Richmond. They had just had a lovely extension done on their kitchen, and needed a good paint job.

They were lovely people, and were very happy with the job I did, and I was happy that they were happy. A few years later, I get a call from Richmond, and its this couple and they would like their bedrooms re-decorated. By this time, my business had grown a little and I had one workman working with me. We did this job, again the client was very happy with the work.

4 years ago, I had another call for some decorating in Richmond. This time it was the downstairs living area and dining area. We did the job, and our regular customer was yet again happy with the job.

About a month ago, our client called us again. This time, they wanted the whole house redecorated as the time had come for them to retire, and they are planning on selling it and moving to Cornwall. Well, naturally we went over and quoted, booked and did the decorating job, to a very high standard, so our loyal customer could sell their home and retire away.

Anyway, it just got me thinking, as it almost feels like the end of an era, I know I won’t be decorating for these clients again, as they aren’t in London anymore. Its nice to have clients return time and time again.

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