Commercial Redecoration Knightsbridge

It isn’t only your home that likes to get a fresh look every now and then. Shops and Restaurants also do.

Last week I went to do a free estimate for a company in Knightsbridge. This was a very large, 5 floored shop, which during the day, is one of the busiest places I’ve ever been in.

My wife was more excited about this estimate than me, obviously, as a man, fashion doesn’t quite have that effect, but nevertheless I was quite awestruck by the scale of this job.

My men would have to arrive after 8 o’clock, when the store closes, and work through the night, they would have to spend a lot of their time at the beginning each day moving and protecting the shops stock, and time in the morning putting everything right.

It would be quite a long job, I’m not talking years, but it would take a bit longer than the average house re-decoration.

But if the job is done right, it wouldn’t effect the shops business at all, things would continue as normal during the day, and there wouldn’t be any hold ups or effects on customer spending.

Anyway, like I said, I did an estimate for this shop last week, and if they can think with it, maybe it’ll go ahead.

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