The bath overflowed again!

Strange title I know. And, lets face it, it happens to all of us. You have had a long hard day at work, you get home, get dinner on, run a yourself a bath, get the kids to bed, read them a story, kiss them goodnight, and then go back down stairs for a nice glass of wine and sit down… relax. And then you remember, the bath… its still running.

You run back up stairs but it is too late, (occasionally, you are lucky enough to catch just as it is getting to the top) the floor is covered with water. Then you go back downstairs, and it is trickling down the walls from the ceiling. The perfect end, to the worst day.

But remember, it has happened to all of us, and I can pretty much guarantee, that it will always continue to happen.

The amount of calls I get to go and quote for this sort of occurrence is mind boggling. The worst case scenario of someone doing this is that the ceiling underneath the bathroom may cave in. The plaster board on the walls may warp. Paint may bubble and come lose.

Anyway, don’t worry… stay calm, carry on. Mop the water up, and go back downstairs and drink your wine. In the morning, if any of the above have happened to you, give me a call. We would come over and look at the extent of the damage, and will very quickly be able to tell you will be needed to fix it, and how much it will cost.

It may be a case that we can just dry it out and re-paint the walls and ceiling, using a sealant we can make it so that the water damage will not show through the new paint work. If more work is needed, i.e replacing plasterboard and making good the walls before re-painting, it would be done quickly and professionally so as to cause the least disruption to your home life.

Its horrible when something like this happens, trust me, I understand how annoying it is. But accidents happen, and we try to be as accommodating as we can.

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