Wallpapering in London

If you have seen my last blog, you will notice that I have started to give my advice regarding colours and interior decor.

Now, wallpapering. It seems to have taken off again, after dying a death in the 90’s. But now it is back, and being done very tastefully throughout London.

This ties in slightly with the Shabby Chic blog I did a couple of weeks ago.

I have recently had to wallpaper a few homes in my trade, in Wimbledon, Fulham, and South Kensington. It seems that Victorian -esque floral prints are the way forward.

These are very light and at the same time warm and pleasant.

Farrow and Ball are carrying a great one at the moment called Melrose, if you just click here you can see it.

Farrow and Ball are very high quality products. Both their paints and all their products are produced to a extremely high standard which is noticeable. Though they may be a bit more costly, they last. I would recommend that if you did want to get wallpapering done, you did choose a high quality, well treated wallpaper, and if possible, you get a professional to hang it, as you will want to avoid any air bubbles, or over lapped seams etc. Also make sure the you have gone over the seams with a little paste, so as to help prevent them from coming away from the walls over time.

Another one, if you don’t want to do anything too drastic, would be Laura Ashley. Again, they are well known for both their quality and great designs. You will find a great range of choices there, and they all go on very well.

Anyway, it is just a thought.


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