Painting and Decorating Shabby Chic

Ok, So the most up and coming thing nowadays seems to be Shabby Chic… Most of you may be wondering what this is, to men it means ‘everything is painted white’ and to woman there is a whole other world to the white, there is Vanilla White, Cotton White, Violet White, Ivory Lace, Chalky White, Jasmine White, Chiffon White… The list goes on and on.

Shabby Chic is the womanly touch to a home, and it is exactly as the title describes. It basically means making shabby items in to Chic items. It has taken the world by storm. It started in America on the west coast about 10 years ago, and bit by bit it has made its way over here and now it has taken London by storm also.

Now, I have looked into this quite intricately, while maintaining my masculinity. And from what I can gather, if you look at the likes of Ebay etc. to purchase Shabby Chic items, they end up costing quite a lot.

Now, if you are the internet savvy type, what you would do is find some blogs and DIY websites, like moi. They are pretty good, most of the are USA based.

Now, painting and decorating can also help with this. If it is the road you want to go down. A common shabby chich item is Laura Ashley style wallpaper. And if you want, a professional decorating company, like yours truly, would be able to hang such paper, along with and moulding etc, before re-painting your ceiling so that it looked ‘vintage’ as they say.

On top of that, especially in London, space is a problem, and a common problem that people face is storage issues. The easiest solution to this is to get wardrobes, or storage built in. And the cheapest most economical way to do that is to get a carpenter, which I can organise, and have him build MDF cabinets. Now, that may make you grit your teeth, but after that, your decorating company can shabby chic it. Where we will stick on different mouldings etc, and painted them all a white of your choice, and if you are lucky we could even distress them a little bit, and add on whatever handles etc that you want.


Shabby Chic, people are going crazy for it. And if you like that style, that is great. If you would like a professional to help you get that style in your home, I’m your man. I know all about it.


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