London Painting and Decorating

I have been painting and decorating in London for over 15 years. That is a long time.

And I have been driving around London for all of that time. If this painting and decorating thing doesn’t work out, I can always become a taxi driver! I have been doing it so long, there isn’t much I don’t know about the area.

I have also spent a lot of time in traffic. And I have met hundreds and hundreds of lovely people and helped them with their requests.

London is a beautiful place, and it is right that people take a lot of pride in their homes and have high standards which they like to have upheld.

And as a business man, I pride myself in achieving those.

Now over time, I have seen trends come and go, but one thing has always remained in style. Which is exterior paint – white exterior paint and masonry paint.

I guess this is the timeless classic that suits all areas of London, and will always suite all areas.

My advice to someone who wants to have their exterior painted, if it has already been painted, stick to white, or off white, and brilliant which masonry and woodwork. If your brick work is yet to be painted and you are thinking about it, I wouldn’t.

Its very hard to restore it back to brick work afterwards, its a lengthy and costly process. If you don’t like the way your bricks look, then fine, paint it. But do put some serious consideration into what would have to go in to reverting it.


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