Spring? You must be joking

A brave daffodil in my garden has just started to put shoots up. Of course, that makes me think it must be spring, and now I will probably forget to wear a jacket and catch my death of cold.

But it did occur to me that this is a very good time to get an early start to exterior painting, repairs and general maintenance.

Decorators are usually less busy now than when the sun comes out, so you can expect better service. From our viewpoint, it’s easier to get scaffolders, and roofers and carpenters are also easier to get.

Laws of demand and supply tend to make the best deals possible when the trades aren’t so busy. You’ll also tend to get the most experienced workmen, as companies want to make sure they are kept busy.

Daylight hours and temperatures will be more than good enough to start work in the next week or two,

It’s also a good time to check out other exterior jobs that might need doing, like gutters and downpipes, brickwork and mortar joints, window and door frames, which can all be dealt with at the same time by the men with the ladders.

Now that is all sensible advice. “What’s come over him?” you ask.

It’s the sight of those daffodils. I’m already thinking of Srpingtime.

And all best wishes

Geoff Parvin

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