The view from your back garden…

One of these days I’m going to get lucky.

I’ll get home early on Friday, the sun’s still shining on my garden, the barbecue has been lit & my favourite beverage is chilling gently in the fridge. I always seem to fall at the same hurdle; getting home early. But I’m working on it.

But the view from your garden can show up things you rarely see. In my house some years ago I remember noticing that none of the houses either side of us – for some distance – had been painted for years!

Not only that, as I looked carefully along the row I could see broken guttering, cracked window panes & a good deal of mortar missing from between bricks. It’s a funny thing & I’ve done it myself (in fact mine was one of the worst…). We all like to keep the front nice & tidy so as not to let the side down, but when it comes to putting some time, effort & cash into something that no-one else really sees, well… we immediately think of all the other nice things we could spend it on instead!

Often by the time we’re called out to quote for work on the rear of some properties, it’s way past the point of simple redecoration. After a 10-year or even a 20-year gap (you’d better believe it…) since they received any love, the rear of some properties need a major overhaul at considerable expense.

On one property the rear windows had deteriorated so badly that the customer had to replace them all just to get the back of the house decorated. And the windows cost considerably more than the subsequent decorating did!

The message is clear; don’t leave the back of the house until it’s too late!

Of course, what you decide to spend your money is your choice (unless you’re married to my wife Holly that is…) but if you’d like to enjoy a nice view from your garden this Summer or you’d like a quote for anything else around the home, give us a call.

All the best,

Geoff (Quick the sun’s out… grab the deckchairs!)

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