The Winter Decorating yips

I’m sure when I was a lad I was told that things are supposed to wind down for the Christmas holidays. Just one of those things, like it always rains for Wimbledon.

Not any more though. I came up with all sorts of explanations but none of them really make much sense. The fact is, though, that we are getting a lot requests for quotations and Christmas looks like being a busy old time. I’m telling my workmen that Holly (good name at this time of year – like she’s never heard that before) will make them turkey sandwiches and I’ll buy them an old Morecambe and Wise DVD, but apart from that they’re to man the paintbrushes. They’re grumbling about it now over a cup of tea.

I used to think it was just the threat of the parents-in-law visiting that made people suddenly notice the chips around the doorframes and the handmarks on the walls.  But be that as it may, I’m keeping all my men at work over Christmas so if you find yourself suffering from the London Winter Decorating Yips then we will be available.

Holly as ever is standing by the phone, ready to book you an appointment for a quotation. I’ve told her I’m looking for someone to help her in the office. Someone called Ivy, perhaps.

Seasons wishes,

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