Now my phone tells me what colour to paint the walls

The great comedian Tommy Cooper once said: “I painted my wife in oils. Now she looks like a sardine”.

But that’s not why I’m writing to you. The clever people at Dulux have come up with a new version of their Tablet app to see how your room would look with a new coat of paint.

I gave it a test-drive and it’s actually pretty handy. Earlier versions didn’t always know the difference between your sofa and the wall (I’ve known decorators like that) but this new one is quite smart.

Dulux research says 30 percent of consumers struggle to visualize what a colour will look like in their homes, and 39 percent discuss color schemes with friends and family before making a purchase.

Dulux say the app has been downloaded more than 10 million times since they first brought it out in 2014. Now you can not only test out different colour combinations and see recommended ideas, but also annoy your friends on social media with your ideas. Additional features to help consumers during their purchasing process, such as the option to buy testers directly through the app.
Visualizer PR

To download the Visualizer, visit the iOS App Store and search for ‘Visualizer’ and ‘Dulux’.

Commercial Dulux customers get a chance to play with an even bigger toy. The centrepiece of their new facility in Slough is a virtual reality installation, where retailers have the chance to create and trial potential store layouts so they can instantly weigh up the impact, convenience and fit of different in-store display options before products hit the shelves.

When you know what colour you want, where else would you turn but to London’s greatest decorating company. Holly is waiting for your call now on 020 8946 5045.

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Geoff Parvin
GD Parvin Ltd.
My own research, after many years of painful testing, is that Mrs. Parvin’s choice of colour is always the right one.

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