What to watch out for after all this rain

All this rain is causing damp problems to homes all over London, even in areas which have avoided flooding. 
I hope you’ve not had any serious damage, but I thought you might want to know the main things to watch out for.

Water can get into walls through various ways, including:

  • Cracked or missing roof tiles
  • Gaps around door and window frames
  • Breaks in the damp-proof course
  • Porous stone facings
  • Blocked gutters


You’re most likely to notice effects such as blistering plaster or light mould. Mould usually follows water, and even though plaster and paints contain anti-fungicides.

Obviously the first thing is to deal with the source of water getting in.

Decorating companies like ours can usually deal with sealing around timber frames, and we’re also happy to recommend people we know for other jobs if those are needed.

Wood and plaster has to be dried out before any redecorating can be done. The area has to be ventilated as well as warmed up.

Once all that’s done, we remove the damaged plaster and repair and repaint the area.

We’re happy to come and have a look and advise you on any of the above. 

And despite the rain, all the very best for the New Year!

Geoff Parvin

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