PROCRASTINATION (what’s that got to do with decorating?)


The great British Summer is threatening once more. With it come to mind all the wonderful things we’re going to accomplish this year, like losing those extra pounds ready for the beach (hmm… I may move that one down my list a little…) or getting those new wardrobes you’ve been talking about since you moved in 3 years ago or…painting the outside of the house. Yes, sorry to bring that up.


I can still hear my old dad saying to me “never put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today”. Now he would have won a medal at the Procrastinator Olympics, but his words were not lost on me.

The outside of your home is every bit as important as the inside & the British weather can do more damage to your woodwork than kids & dogs do to the stairway walls! Well, almost…

The fact is, exterior decorating requires dry weather & temperatures between 50F & 85F. Of course it’s possible to decorate a few degrees either side of that, and we do get jobs done throughout the year, but you have to know what you’re doing.

Preparation, application & drying times are all affected by temperature & weather conditions and it’s vital to use the correct products in-sequence.

To avoid the ‘end of summer rush’ (and the disappointment of missing out) it’s important to plan. I recall a lady customer procrastinating (ah! now I get it…) for two consecutive summers about getting her exterior painted. Then she would call in October saying “I want to get it done next week”. I kept having to say “no” as the weather just wasn’t good enough to give her a guaranteed job. Finally we had a break in the rain and I just told her when we were coming (not like me at all…) & we all had a happy ending.

So if you’re looking at getting outside painting done this year, go ahead and give us a call to get some free advice, or by all means ask us for a free assessment of what it will take to restore your paintwork to it’s former glory.

All the best,

Geoff (Quick the sun’s out… grab the deckchairs!)

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