A useful tool for surveyors and architects

Dulux have had a tablet or phone-based colour-picking app, aimed at home users, for some time. It’s quite handy – some people love it, others find it a bit gimmicky – but it does tend to make you think about diffferent colour combinations. Now they have a comparable app for professionals.

Architects, designers and specifiers can use the new app to research and create a full coatings specification from a mobile device following the launch of a new app from Dulux owners AkzoNobel.

The Design app allows users to develop a bespoke technical specification in a matter of minutes by offering a choice of filters at each stage of the decision process.

These filters include the type of construction material, geographical location of project and durability requirements. They offer both liquid and powder coating options, color choices and finished look.

AkzoNobel say they realize it is time-consuming going through color cards, and then checking that products meet the necessary requirements of durability, toughness and weathering,

The new app short-circuits the whole process, but without any compromises to the level of detail that a specification can demand.

Users can find full data sheets, test reports and property characteristics for each paint range and finish. The app also lets users check real-life examples of projects where their selected products have been used.

As well as showcasing the company’s complete range of colors and finishes – including metallic – the app also allows users to color match. Simply upload a photograph of your chosen color (the blue of a swimming pool for example) and the app instantly searches for the closest matches. Chosen colors can then be built into a personalized color card.

The Design app can be downloaded here from the app store.

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