Summer decorating in Wimbledon

With Wimbledon just down the road from our offices, and the best summer since – well, since last year – it can be hard to stay tuned in to work.

Thankfully, the weather is perfect for exterior painting and you, dear customer, are keeping us busy. And so you should – it’s the perfect time to refresh the paint on your woodwork and outside walls.

Wooden window and door frames need all-year round protection. The worst damage to wood happens in winter when water gets into the wood – if it freezes it can cause cracking, and if it doesn’t it can cause rot. The microorganisms responsible for rot love the inside of damp wood, and they like nothing better than raising their large families there.

But in summer it all dries out, and that causes shrinkage, and the cracking that opens the door to winter damage. The sun’s ultraviolet light also causes damage, so your paintwork needs to provide all-year-round protection.

Higher quality paints have higher quality components and they last much longer. It’s really not worth using cheap paints as they deteriorate much more quickly.

At this time of year our decorators can work more easily: the undercoats dry more quickly, they don’t get interrupted by the weather, and that means they can get more done in a day. The good weather also makes them smile more.

So if you think your exterior might need a freshen-up, London’s Greatest Decorating Company is ready to do the job.

Best wishes

Geoff Parvin

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