Painting Schools

The summer holidays have ended, the children are back at school, the dad’s are back at work, as are the mum’s, and everyone can take a deep breath… including me.

Now, my kids are back at school, which is part of the reason that I take a deep breath, but the other reason is that summer holidays are very busy for me.

Most schools choose to get and re-decoration work that they want done over the summer holidays. Most schools have a LOT of class rooms, and a LOT of walls that need painting. I don’t think children are the best thing for wear and tear on a building, and they certainly take their toll.

We have 3 schools that return to us most holidays for continual works and refreshing. We tend to work our way through the building bit by bit, as and when needed, and when we have finally painted every room in the school, (this normally takes a couple of years of holidays), we are back to the beginning.

This summer, we did a lot of re-vamping of these schools, my foremen work hard, long, and speedily, meaning we got a lot done, on schedule, and to the standard that is needed for a school. Those rooms will not need re-decorating for a long while, if the kids are kind to them.

But needless to say, it was a lot of work to get all the schools done on time for the beginning of term. I’ll take my deep breath now, and maybe I’ll think about taking a summer holiday!

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