Decorators tips: How to hang your Christmas decorations.

Lesson One: hanging on brick walls

Planning to decorate the house this year?

Perhaps you like the understated elegance of this example?

Even if you’re not so brave, I thought you might like a decorator’s tips on how to make decorations stay up without incurring a repair bill in the New Year, so here are some tips I picked up along the way.

Hanging external decorations on brick or concrete walls is actually straightforward – all you’ll need is a drill, some Tapcon screws, and possibly a tube of Liquid Nails. A tube of mortar repair or 100% silicone will tidy up the holes you make, after the holidays.

On brick walls, make sure you drill into a mortar joint, not the brick itself. Your Tapcon screw should then go straight into the mortar without needing any plug or filler. If not, either squirt some Liquid Nails into the hole, or use a plastic or wooden plug and screw into that. Liquid Nails is easier, but be aware that you won’t get the screw out again easily. 

The same applies for concrete, though it does require more muscle to drill your hole.

But hey presto, get the lights hung onto your screws and Santa will be able to find your house, and your stockings will be filled with goodies.

Of course, if you really want to go for the traditional spirit of Christmas, why not decorate the car as well? Something tasteful, like this:

Otherwise, if you’re thinking about a nice make-over indoors for the winter by London’s finest painters and decorators, I will be more than happy to get an elf over to you now to give you an estimate. 

Best regards
Geoff Parvin

PS: Perhaps you heard about the devil-worshipper at Christmas? He sold his soul to Santa.

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