No christmas songs yet, but we know next year’s colour of the year

You heard it here first.

Before even the first sighting of a Santa, before a single sparkle of tinsel in a shop window, I can reveal next year’s Colour of the Year.

Akzo Nobel – Dulux to you and me – must have their colour elves on piece-work, because according to my watch it’s only just turned September. But, hey, why wait?

The colour, which comes with a whole family of complementary swatches, is Tranquil Dawn.

It’s rather nice. AkzoNobel say it’s “designed to capture the essence of what makes us human as the dawn of a new decade arrives”.

Well. you’ll have guessed that already, of course.

It’s described as a “delicate, fluid shade somewhere between green, blue and grey”, and
“it is reminiscent of the colors of the morning sky and encapsulates our desire to treasure our most human qualities, which we’ll need in the new decade we are entering.”

You might be seeing quite a lot if it. David Menko, AkzoNobel’s Chief Marketing Officer, says: “The research we carry out is designed to enable the latest trends to be applied in all relevant areas of our paints and coatings businesses. Our design teams translate the information to market-specific colors and finishes for various segments, including automotive, architecture, consumer electronics and wood.”

The colour is divided into separate themes, with palettes known as The Care Palette, The Play Palette, The Meaning Palette and The Creativity Palette.  “It also affects corresponding color palettes across various segments, such as consumer electronics, automotive and aerospace,” explains Menko. “A unified color and trend development process also helps our Wood Coatings and Powder Coatings businesses to successfully launch and leverage their own trending colors and accompanying palettes across all markets.”

Well, I couldn’t put any of that better myself.

And I can guarantee right here and now that your very own GD Parvin Ltd stand ready to load our brushes and rollers with the new colour as soon as you, dear customer, are ready, and do our part as the greatest of painters and decorators in Chelsea, Putney, Richmond and all points London.

Best wishes

Geoff Parvin
A Colourful Character.

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