It’s officially (nearly) spring. What colours are we picking this year?

Sky-high house prices in London are resulting in a lot more home improvements. And we’re always happy to help.

I happened to be looking at some old paint charts and thought it was interesting how much they reflect the times. The 1970’s look very strange –  here’s the Dulux catalogue from 1975:
And this shows the popular car colours for the same year:

If you’re old enough, the colours alone probably remind you of miner’s strikes, Morris Itals and kipper ties.

But every year, starting from about November, the new colour charts start to appear for the coming year. This is from the Dulux colour chart for 2015. Much nicer.

If you’re thinking about a nice make-over for the Spring, we can direct you to a whole range of colour-pickers. And I’ll be more than happy to get a man over to you for an estimate to do the job.

Best regards,
Geoff Parvin

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