Painting and Decorating Fulham’s finest

Painting and Decorating Fulham’s finest

Call me biased, but I’ve always loved the Fulham and Putney area. It’s about as close to the centre of London as you can get but still feel like you live somewhere else. And it’s home to plenty of good tradesmen. Modesty forbids me from claiming to be the best decorator amongst them, but in the words of the great Brian Clough, we may be in the top one.

Of course, if you’re lucky enough to own a house in the area, doubtless the fact that we’re just round the corner has improved its value considerably (*Note: proximity to GD Parvin HQ may also increase house values in other areas of London. Terms and Conditions apply).

So if you’re looking at selling or just giving the place a little TLC, our professional painters and decorators are, like you on your holidays, ready to go.

If you’re selling, you want a buyer like me. Rose-tinted spectacles, grand plans and a complete pushover. Unfortunately you might get the other sort: no imagination, can’t see past tired paintwork.

Best be on the safe side. You want your Fulham home, the exterior and interior decoration, to be bright, fresh and clean. And it’s not just because the Estate Agents (whose words we all trust implicitly) say that properties in Fulham sell for ten percent higher if they are freshly decorated.

If you’re on the search for a painter and decorator in Fulham, Putney, or indeed in one of South-West London’s many other fine and upstanding boroughs (to avoid any charge of bias) we’ll be glad to pop round.

Best regards

Geoff, of the Parvins

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