Cowboys and decorating!

Nothing makes me more angry than having to go and clean up someone else’s mess. Its not the cleaning up of the ‘mess’ that I mind. It’s that there are certain tradesmen out there who create such a mess!

I use the term ‘tradesmen’ loosely. I mean cowboys builders or decorators.

There is nothing worse in this life than being taken for a ride, or being robbed. And that is what these people do. They prey on the old, and those less capable of defending themselves. And they often create more damage than they help you with.

It breaks my heart to go and quote an old age pensioner to tidy up one of these jobs, and give them the job they had originally intended.

My advice to you, always get references. I can supply you with 10, 20, 30 or 100 references if you like. Happy customers who are willing to recommend my business. I can give you their addresses with their home telephone numbers. (only if my customers have said I can, obviously).

Any legitimate decorator or painter will be able to supply you with a lot of references. And you should really take them up on it.

I’m a family man, and those values are important to me. I don’t like to see someone ‘robbed’ or ‘fooled’. So please, always ask for references.


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