Painting and Decorating in the Winter

It is that time of year, thankfully without the snow this time. Christmas will be coming soon. The Children are off school. The family is coming in to town. The shopping is being done. The tree is up.

I think that after Christmas, we all need a holiday!!!

No but on a more serious note, I do like this time of year, as we have so much fun. I have to do the last thrust to get all the decorating and painting jobs that i have on in london finished.

Now that may sound easier than it is, though to be honest, I thrive to complete my jobs as scheduled so, it does normally go quite straight forward.

However, this year, I had a slight flurry of ‘last minute’ decorating quotations that came in. Quite a few people obviously left their plans a little late this year, and desperately needed to have their dining rooms, and living rooms, and spare bedrooms, quickly re-decorated.

In fact, these are the jobs that I am completing at the moment.

Normally, I have found that decorating tends to wind down on the run up to Christmas, but this year it seems I will be busy up until the last minute.

But I understand the importance it holds to people, in fact, my wife has been asking me to do the same thing in our home! So they will all get done, and on time, and everyone will have a happy Christmas.

So I wish everyone a Merry, calm and relaxed Christmas, and I hope that everyone gets what they want!

If you would like some decorating and painting done in the New Year, do feel free to give me a call. I can work in with very strict time limits!!! as I have learned recently!

Merry Christmas