More useful cleaning tips from your decorator

Regular readers will know that my newsletters are always strictly on-message and never stray from the business of painting and decorating. Well, hardly ever.

So, as the Spring-cleaning season opens, some TIMELY and RELEVANT words on care of paintwork and walls.

Where possible, we hope you’ll avoid the use of power-tools and wire brushes on the delicate paint finishes we have lovingly applied to your walls.

Surface dirt usually submits to a light touch, mild detergents and soft cloths. We’re not keen on harsh chemicals, and you’re probably not either.

Gather some cleaning supplies. Recommended items include:

  • Mild detergent
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Olive oil
  • Liquid soap
  • Microfibre cleaning cloths
  • Newspaper

Painted walls:
Walls painted in vinyl silk (kitchen & bathroom paint) or Diamond Matt emulsion can be cleaned with little or no marking. Gently use a white cloth or sponge dipped in water and detergent. Matt emulsion is more delicate, and rubbing may produce shiny or darker patches – gentle dabbing may work.

Tougher marks on Vinyl Silk and Diamond Matt paints come off  with cream cleaner, but you may need to finish by lightly washing the whole wall with a light solution of washing up liquid.

Glass, countertops and bathroom tiles clean nicely with 1/4 cup vinegar mixed with two pints of water in a spray bottle. Wipe clean with old newspaper or a lint-free cloth.

Lemon juice mixed 50/50 with olive oil is a good safe solution for wood furniture:  apply a small amount to a cloth, and rub onto the furniture in long, even strokes.

Mold and mildew, if caught early, comes off with straight vinegar, wiped with a cloth. Your visitors will think you’ve been to the chip-shop, but it is effective.

Of course if the thought of all that cleaning is just too much, and you wanted a change anyway, London’s Greatest Decorating Company stands ready to jump to your bidding. 

Best wishes

Geoff Parvin

PS: Would you believe it? All that writing has made me completely miss the first round of spring cleaning at Parvin Towers. As Mrs. Parvin is now reminding me.

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