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Professional residential painting and decorating by experienced tradesmen leaves a quality finish that is unmistakeable. It also tends to last longer, and the Estate Agents reckon it is one of the best ways to push up the value of your home.

Our tradesmen have been in the business for donkey's years, and they certainly know their way around a paintbrush. They're also thoroughly reliable and trustworthy, and don't mind being asked to feed the cat if you're out.

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Residential Painter and Decorator

Interior Home Decorating

Interior decorating doesn’t start with paint or wallpaper. One key to a professional finish is getting the preparation right. If old wallpaper is present, it must be removed completely to give the best possible finish. Doing this right and in a reasonable amount of time requires the correct equipment and tools. A professional painter and decorator will have these at their disposal. A wallpaper steamer and good quality scrapers will speed up the process and give a cleaner finish before the new wallpaper is applied. Any holes in the wall will be filled and rubbed down first. When it comes to hanging wallpaper there is no substitute for an experienced professional. They will ensure that any pattern matches perfectly and that there are no air bubbles or folds in the paper. A professional will also be able to add those little touches that make all the difference, like meticulously cutting around light switches and sockets, as well as making sure the upper and lower edges fit tidily against the ceiling and skirting boards.

When residential painting and decorating, a professional decorator will neatly cut in around the edges of your walls, before rolling the walls themselves. Their experience will ensure a smooth and even finish along with sharp edges. Before the paint is applied, a professional decorator will ensure all surfaces are smooth, filling and rubbing down any holes or blemishes. Woodwork will be carefully inspected, and any holes will be filled. The whole surface will be rubbed down prior to painting to ensure full adhesion and no subsequent flaking of the new paint surface.

Exterior House Decorating

As with interior decorating, the correct preparation of the exterior of your home is critical, to ensure a long lasting and good-looking finish. Exterior coatings such as render, or pebbledash will be inspected, and any cracks or holes will be repaired. Loose exterior coating will also be removed and repaired prior to the application of any paint. Woodwork will be repaired and rubbed down to ensure a smooth finish and good adhesion of the new paint. Metalwork such as railings will be thoroughly wire brushed, to remove loose paint and rust. A coast of rust resistant primer will then be applied before the final coat to ensure a weather resistant finish. Professional painters and decorators will have all the correct tools for the job, as well as access to the very best materials to ensure a good quality, long lasting exterior finish.

Residential Painter
Residential Decorating

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So, whether you are getting your home ready for sale and would like to increase its value and speed up the sales process, or your home decoration is a little tired and in need of refreshment, call in a professional residential painter and decorator. They will ensure the job is done quickly, neatly, and to the highest standard, using the very best tools and materials available.

Raising Residential Propery Values

“Kerb appeal” is a buzz word in home selling these days and having the exterior of your home decorated by professional painters and decorators, before putting it on the market, can make a real difference. First impressions really do count with prospective house buyers, and most people aren’t aware that having the exterior of your home professionally decorated, before putting it on the market, can add more than ten percent to the value of your property, depending upon where you live.

Just do the maths and you will see that having the outside of your property professionally decorated, before putting it on the market, will actually be an investment, not a cost. Having the exterior of your £250,000 home professionally decorated, can add upward of £25,000 to its value, and it certainly won’t cost £25,000 to have the work done, leaving you well in profit, with more to spend on your new home.

Our homes can be subjected to a lot of wear and tear over time, particularly high traffic areas such as entrances, halls and doorways. Knocks and scuffs on walls and woodwork, wear and dirt around door handles, weathering on the outside, all can make our homes look tired and in need or sprucing up.

Employing the services of a reputable, professional decorating company can make a real difference to the process. The use of the latest tools and methods, the highest quality materials, and years of experience will all ensure a great job with minimal mess and fuss.

Residential Painting and Decorating
Residential Painting and Decorating

Years of experience

Residential painting and decorating will always cause a certain amount of upheaval to your normal daily routine. Most who try to do it themselves, will almost certainly take longer, are likely to leave more mess, and will never attain the high level of finish that a professional would. We have all visited that home where the D.I.Y. enthusiast has a number of unfinished jobs on the go, some of them having been that way since the last time you visited. Nobody really wants to live in a home that is a constant work site, including not the poor long-suffering partners of the D.I.Y. enthusiasts.

Professional painters and decorators will treat your home with the utmost respect and keep the upheaval to a minimum.

They will prepare all surfaces correctly before starting any decorating. They will also protect all furniture and carpets before commencing work.

With years of experience, their work will be neat and meticulous. They will get the job done quickly and when they leave, other than beautiful new decoration, you won’t know they have been there.

We also offer commercial decorating for offices, schools and businesses.